The ERA R10 is our top model (formally R6). Over the years, the R6 then the R10 has had extensive testing and improvements made to it and has a great following, with its great handling and very good used prices (if you can find one) and many race wins and not forgetting its great style.

ERA-R10 Main Image
Tiger HS6 aero


Available as a factory build only, the Tiger HS6 is our tribute to the classic Lotus 6. These are built using engine gearbox axle from an early classic car keeping the feel of the car as historic as possible.

ERA 30

Available as a factory build only, the ERA 30 takes its design inspiration from the Lotus 23 although the car has been designed to be slightly larger with wider tires and bigger brakes.

era 30 gallery 2


Available as a factory build only, historically the original ERA marque was very important. It was formed by Raymond Mays a leading driver of the 1930’s and the first ERA made a public demonstration at the Brooklands circuit in May 1934.  Our ERA HSS (historic Single Seater) has had the benefit of its own race series with BARC , although single orders are not taken quantity orders will be considered.

We also support previous models manufactured over the last 34 years
Avon, Super 6, Cat, Aviator and GTA  VIEW HERE